Interpreting Services

We provide consecutive, simultaneous, online and whisper interpretating for:

business engagements and negotiations;
boards of directors;
online events;
telephone conversations;
study tours;
pre-commissioning, installation and construction, electrical installation works;
commissioning, tests;
personnel training. We accompany persons and delegations, go on business trips, to industrial sites.

We also work on challenging projects that require not only interpretation but also high endurance and effective administration of work form our translators.

Translation Services

We perform accurate, rapid and timely translations of technical, academic and literature texts:

charts, drawings;
data sheets;

We have no extra charges for complexity and urgency because our translators are field-specific.

We are in demand when large texts need to be translated in a short time with no loss in quality.

Online Services

Online interpreting We provide consecutive, simultaneous interpretating and written translation using platforms:


About us

FLG is a modern translation company. We use all the capacities of a classic translation agency and our own quality control management system.

Total work experience of our team since 2004.

How do we save your money?

We have no charges for complexity!

Any text that differs from "London is the capital of Great Britain" can be assigned a complexity rating and thereby it will increase the cost.

Translations of medical, legal or other texts shall be done by field-specific translators.

Then there is no reason to include charges for complexity.

We have no urgency charges!

Large and urgent texts are translated by a team of translators under an editors' control.

Efficient organization and administration of our working processes allows us to exclude urgency charges.

We do not have extra charges at all!

Neither for "work on weekends", nor for "night", nor for "world peace".

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